IOS Reporting and Rewards Program for DCH Employees

IOS Reporting and Rewards Program for DCH Employees


DCH has selected IOS to provide an independent, informal, private line for its employees to help DCH do better and be better by:

  • Suggesting improvements, large and small, in how DCH conducts its business – increase efficiency, reduce bottlenecks, improve working conditions.
  • Reporting suspected misconduct – financial or personal (unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying)
  • Reporting employee health concerns – severe depression, substance abuse
  • Seeking guidance on ethical dilemmas – What is the right thing for you to do?

You communicate, one-on-one, with a designated IOS Advisor – an experienced, knowledgeable, independent business profession

You decide on your degree of privacy, confidentiality, anonymity.  We are committed to using our best efforts to protect and defend it to the full extent authorized by law.

* * * Please understand that communication with IOS is informal and is NOT notice to DCH.  Any required notices of claims and other legal requirements must be satisfied separately and directly, and NOT by or through IOS * * *


Rewards Program

  • Up to 20% of savings or value to DCH.
  • Nothing is too large or too small.
  • Must be original and outside your regular job responsibilities.
  • Your IOS Advisor will help you document value of your submission.
  • All rewards are at sole discretion of DCH.


IOS Online Reporting System

  • While you may choose to communicate with IOS by postal service, voicemail, fax or email, our secure online reporting system works best.
  • To use it, click Create New Report below.  That will take you to a screen with a text-message box for you to make and edit your submission in your own words, in your own way, in your own time.  Nothing goes anywhere until you click on the “Submit” button.
  • You will then immediately receive a unique ten-character Passcode required to access the secure private page created for your matter.
  • After that, click on “Go To Existing Report” and enter your Passcode at any time to access your private page.
  • On that secure page you will be informed of the identity of your designated IOS Advisor.  On the IOS website, under Our People, you will find the full professional resume and photo of your designated Advisor.  If, for any reason (or no reason), you are not comfortable with that individual, you say so, and we will assign someone else.
  • On your private, Passcode protected, page, you and your IOS advisor can engage in unlimited text-message communications. (You may also agree to other ways to communicate: telephone, email, fax, postal service.)  This page will also show the status of your matter.
  • At the conclusion of your matter, if your submission has been acted on by DCH, your IOS Advisor will help you document the value of your submission for reward purposes.