Why Choose Us

Our depth of expertise and diversity of experience make IOS the ideal partner for companies seeking independent ombuds services. Our guaranteed confidentiality and professional conduct creates trust among employees and other stakeholders.

The flexibility of our virtual model and special services enables us to meet all business needs and budgets.

We are the next generation: Ombuds 2.0

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Custom Design – Fitting your company operations and culture

We begin by learning from you who you are, what you do, and how you go about doing it. Then, with you, we custom-design a system perfectly suited to your operations and your company culture.

Flexible and Efficient – Providing only those services required

We don’t try to stuff you into one of our boxes or packages. There are no boxes or packages. Your system will be designed to include all the charcteristics you want, and none that you don’t.

Expertise – Unmatched in business and the professions

What uniquely distinguishes our ombuds professionals is the depth and breadth of their real-world experience in business and commerce and the professions and the arts, over the full range of business activities and functions, and a wide variety of products and services.

TEAM*Ombuds(sm) – Delivering more cost-effective expertise

To optimize the cumulative value and experience of our people, we utilize our unique TEAM*Ombuds(sm) concept. Each matter is headed by a lead advisor whose background and experience are most relevant to the subject. The lead advisor may call on our other people with special expertise as required to participate in a cost-effective way. TEAM*Ombuds is no more costly because there is no duplication of effort among our advisors. And, each operates more efficiently within his area of expertise with no learning-curve time required.

Practical Advice – Knowledge drawn from seasoned business people

Our people are academically and professionally trained in dispute resolution processes, what truly distinguishes them is that they are all seasoned and mature. You benefit from consulting with people with decades of experience making sensible and practical business decisions.

International – Experience and capabilities crossing borders

Among our people are professionals who have conducted business throughout the modern world. All are fluent in English, and among them are fluent in Arabic, Dutch, French, German and Spanish, and with established associates conduct business in Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Thai.

Lower Costs – No capital or overhead expense

A bricks-and-mortar ombudsman office is supposed to be headed by a senior pay level manager plus benefits and perks plus office overhead, running well into hundreds of thousands of dollars of mostly fixed costs. Our virtual ombuds office system is provided at a fraction of that cost on a pay as you go basis.

Integrity - Adhering to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct of the International Ombudsman Association

Credible To:

Many companies have whistleblower-type systems. Very seldom are they actually used by employees or others because (1) they are not confident they will be protected, and (2) they doubt that anyone will do anything about their complaint or report. This is a great loss. Working levels in the office and on the shop floor know a lot about what is going on. Tapping into these information sources can only enhance your operations.


Employees will not use an internal reporting system unless they are confident that they will not be at risk, and that the information they provide will not be ignored. Our online reporting system provides maximum protection to employees, and our seasoned advisors evoke confidence that information provided will be acted on.


Customer/Client input is crucial and invaluable to every firm. Our independent third-party service, peopled by seasoned professionals, dramatically increases the likelihood that you will get to hear what you need to hear from your customers or clients.


Fearful of losing the business, vendors and suppliers are understandably wary of reporting kickbacks and other such financial misconduct. Our independent third-party reporting system offers the necessary comfort level to encourage such reporting by them.

Government agencies

Securities and Exchange Commission (under Dodd-Frank) and the Department of Justice (under U.S. Sentencing Guidelines) call for companies to have “robust” internal reporting systems. At a minimum, robust must mean actually used. Our independent third-party system will encourage increased actual use. Absence of an effective internal reporting system may disqualify a business from government contracting.