Value to Your Company

The value of an outside, independent ombuds service is both quantifiable and immeasurable.

IOS helps companies uncover and deter misconduct, avoiding legal costs, eliminating lost productivity and resources and freeing senior management for greater focus.

Our independence and credibility with employees (see Virtual Ombuds Office) translates into improved morale and loyalty and increased production.

Customization of services enables companies to design a program that fits their needs and budget, from reporting to resolution and beyond (see Special Ombuds Services).

  • Avoid Debilitating Litigation
  • Protect Company Reputation
  • Promote and Reward Employee Loyalty
  • Increase Morale and Productivity
  • Market as a Competitive Advantage
  • Address Legal Compliance Requirements
    • Sarbanes-Oxley
    • Dodd-Frank
    • United States Sentencing Guidelines
    • Avoid Debarment as Government Contractor