Anju Jessani

Anju JessaniAnju Jessani is a Wharton School MBA with a wealth of experience in finance, including financial planning, real estate, taxation, pensions and contract negotiation, and is among the most experienced and highly-regarded mediators in the profession.

As a JP Morgan Vice President, Jessani initially was a product manager for electronic payment products, managing product, pricing, marketing and overseeing operations management for Fedwire (domestic same day transfers) and CHIPS (international same day transfers), and interfacing with key Fortune 500 and brokerage clients treasury management departments. During her time with the bank, she managed the product’s transition to HSBC, during the sale of the bank’s cash management division. Following the sale of the division, she served as head of sales compensation for the fixed income (bond) trading division, managing a staff of five, for one of the bank’s biggest profit areas.

Anju Jessani’s Specialties
  • Conflict Management
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Healthcare

At Price Waterhouse, Jessani was a manager in the Management Consulting Group’s Treasury Management Consulting division. She managed projects and treasury audits for Fortune 500 clients in the area of cash management, investment management, bank relations, foreign exchange management and cash flow forecasting, dealing with the Treasurers and Chief Financial officers and their staffs, and managing numerous associates from Price Waterhouse from both the management consulting and audit departments. During her time with the firm, she managed over 50 projects.

Jessani is widely recognized as among the premier mediators in the profession. She has mediated over five hundred disputes, and is active in training and mentoring mediators. Since1997 she has headed her own mediation firm. She is an Accredited Professional Mediator, and immediate past president of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators. During her tenure she significantly increased the stature of that organization and its accreditation process, so much so that the Wall Street Journal in a recent (March 2, 2008) article cited that organization as a place to find experienced mediators.

Born and raised in England, and of Indian ethnicity, Jessani moved to the United States at age 12, and became a naturalized citizen in 1977. She is often called on to bring her understanding of Indian and Asian culture and values to the mediation process.

Jessani holds an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (1983), and a BA from Rutgers University (1979).