Kenneth Holzer

Ken HolzerKen Holzer has a broad range of technical and management experience in all aspects of computer services, including responsibility for development of a multi-platform security system and administrative architecture, negotiating expense and monitoring performance of vendors and subcontractors, and developing user support services.

During his thirty-year career as a manager in information technology at Prudential Insurance Company, Holzer had varied programming analyst assignments in application and technical areas specializing in systems optimization of hardware and software design, management and then direction of programming staff supporting investment analytics and accounting including Equity, Real Estate and Fixed Income portfolio performance monitoring and back office accounting and General Ledger processing; developed and implemented the business plan for VM based timesharing and E-Mail network including technical, marketing, end user support and cost controls; managed technical support for MVS operating systems, negotiating contracts with hardware and software vendors; managed conversion of all MVS and VM security; provided centralized facilities while returning responsibility for disaster recovery to internal business entities.

Ken Holzer’s Specialties
  • Computer Services
  • Information Technology
  • Software Systems
  • Real Estate

In recent years Holzer has worked as a licensed real estate sales person, and developed several PC software systems, including an integrated time and customer information management system for individual realtors.

Currently, Holzer provides information technology consulting support to several small businesses and individuals. Among other things, he developed a specialized application for a company that retrieved autos coming off leases, supporting the field agents completing an integrated report including auto inspection paperwork with digital photos electronically delivered each evening to the leasing company.

Holzer has a Bachelor of Sciences degree in business management with a minor in economics.